Buy and Sell-Side Automation

InnVue automates critical processes that are manually intensive for both Agencies / Advertisers and Ad Fulfillment Operations.

Eliminate phone calls and emails to check ad inventory for clearance probability and what-if scenarios. Replace emailed creative instructions with automation that includes quality checks and real-time status tracking. Enhance media distribution to multiple Ad Fulfillment partners with clear linkage to your campaign.

Automated processes include:

  • Pre-buy Interactions
  • Creative Instructions
  • Media Distribution

Secure and Highly Configurable

InnVue provides a secure exchange between each Agency / Advertiser and Ad Fulfillment Partner for each Service.

Ad Fulfillment Partners can configure InnVue for each Service (pre-buy, instructions, media):

  • Unique rules by channel
  • Inventory visibility
  • Campaign clearance and pricing guidance
  • Status and progress tracking

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