Enhanced Inventory Insight

InnVision provides clear and concise real-time views of your advertising inventory.

Analyze inventory worth, sellout, revenue, AUR and rate card performance in a single, easy to understand view.

Key capabilities include:

  • Enterprise to Daypart Level Views
  • Configurable Hierarchy and Business Rules
  • Intuitive Sellout Views
  • Easy Evaluation of Rate Performance

Dynamically Price Ad Inventory

Maximize revenue and optimize inventory utilization by dynamically pricing your advertising inventory.

InnVision’s pricing engine evaluates multiple factors to provide a consistent pricing approach while allowing custom business rules for flexibility.

Key capabilities include:

  • Dynamically Price Inventory
  • Evaluation of the Impact of Proposed Pricing Changes
  • Custom Business Rules
  • Configurable Approval Workflows

Forecasting and What-If Scenarios

InnVision provides performance pacing to targets and allows “What-if” scenario analysis.

Our solution leverages years of historical information and market conditions to forecast revenue and sellout levels.

Key capabilities include:

  • Forecast Revenue at Various Inventory Levels
  • Configurable Forecasting Business Rules
  • What-if Scenario Analysis for Performance Targets

Intuitive and Flexible Dashboards

Easy to understand performance dashboards for all levels of the organization.

Quickly access performance information for market worth, revenue, sellout, AUR, sales channels and more.

Key capabilities include:

  • Configurable Views for all Levels of the Organization
  • Powerful Trending and Analysis
  • Easy Performance Comparisons

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