Optimized Media Processing

InnTouch automates and optimizes the conversion, quality and distribution processes for advertising media.

Within the media management process, associating the right media to the right contract is critical. InnTouch automates the media association process and efficiently processes only required media.

Key benefits include:

  • Optimized media processsing
  • Automated media associations
  • Configurable business rules for distribution

Converged Media Library

InnTouch provides a converged media platform to support traditional and advanced advertising media. A single platform for all your media needs.

Identifying and processing the right content immediately is critical. InnTouch provides flexible media library views with playback and export capabilities.

Key capabilities include:

  • Powerful search functionality
  • Flexible summary & detail level views
  • Playback and export capabilities

Media Workflow Integration

InnTouch integrates with key operational systems and processes to optimize the overall workflow.

The seamless integration with Ad Copy Wizard streamlines the end to end media workflow for agencies, sales support, traffic and billing.

Highlights include:

  • Seamless Ad Copy Wizard integration
  • Automated processing for required media
  • Configurable workflow status notifications

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