Chris Haviland

Operations Manager

Chris joined Innovar Media Solutions as a 17-year veteran in online ad operations, including both publisher-side and buyer-side web advertising and mobile commerce, direct sales and programmatic. With over 20 years of experience in process improvement and over 30 years in staff management, Chris has earned a reputation in balancing automation with headcount to save costs, reduce errors, build transparency and increase quality of service. At Innovar he manages team operations and change control and designs business requirements on projects related to digital advertising.

Chris was a team leader in 4 startups:,, LiftDNA (sold to OpenX) and most recently Softcard (sold to Google) which lead the industry in NFC transactions now used by Apple Pay and Android Pay. With experience in many ad servers, demand & supply side platforms, data management platforms, and customer relationship & content management systems, Chris has been responsible for scaling up to $60 million in yearly advertising revenue and upwards of 200 billion ad impressions a year, with his inventory appearing on AltaVista, CNN,, Lycos, Martindale-Hubbell, Prodigy, Rolling Stone Network, S&P Personal Wealth, Smart Resume, Sportsline, Universal Studios,, Institutional Investor, Euromoney Magazine, GPS World, Travel Agent Central,, Friendly Games, BrandTech, Roblox, Brightline Media, Scribd, AdPeak, ChaCha, Wikia, United Online, and many others.

Chris is also a published author and a produced filmmaker with a degree in Radio, Television and Film from the University of North Texas.