Technology Alliance

Imagine Communications and Innovar Media Solutions join forces to Speed Next-Generation Ad Tech Deployments.

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WICT (Women in Cable Telecommunications) Carolinas

Our Innovar team was proud to sponsor and attend the WICT Carolinas 2019 Red Circle Awards luncheon celebrating WICT members and volunteers with standout contributions. It was a great event highlighting outstanding business accomplishments, leadership, mentoring and volunteering.

Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners for your outstanding achievements!

Bobble and Bowl

Innovar Team members received their minature alter egos while enjoying some dinner and bowling at the holiday party. Bobbleheads were a big hit.

Bobblehead Mania!

Innovar Friendly Competition

Innovar Team hanging out at the office. We engaged in a litle pool, darts, ping pong and shuffle board competition. All for fun and nobody got hurt (well maybe a little pride here and there).

Fun Day!

Innovar Innovation Session - Ad Copy

Team is working hard on the next generation of Ad Copy Wizard and improving ad copy operations by adding automation for instructions. Enhancements to the Ad Copy Wizard Portal and the Digital module were major topics of our 3 Day Innovation Session.

Go Team!

Meet our CEO

The Dallas Voyage team recently met with our CEO to learn about the Innovar journey.

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Accelerating Adoption of Enterprise Level Change

Driving complex change across the organization requires executive commitment, cross-functional participation and many times a significant monetary investment. The risks associated with implementing change can be reduced with focus on the above mentioned items; however, many organizations miss the opportunity to maximize their results or return on investment because of low adoption rates.

Balancing Speed and Sustainability

As economic pressures increase the need to reduce costs and transform business models, decision makers everywhere are searching for quick-hit opportunities to deliver significant improvement. The difficult challenge they face is finding ways to obtain lasting results at a pace needed to satisfy the overwhelming sense of urgency to "get something done".

Project Leadership versus Project Management

To successfully drive cross-functional and complex change, you need a leader not just an administrative project manager. Project Management is based on sound principles and processes and definitely a key component of success; however, management principles alone will not drive positive results.

Occupancy, The Most Misunderstood Metric

Does your center measure, and manage Occupancy? If so, are you measuring it correctly, and how are you using the information to improve your operation? If you are not, should you be?

Occupancy is the most misunderstood metric in the Contact Center, and this misunderstanding occurs even by people who are outstanding Contact Center leaders. Occupancy is the measure of how busy your agents are when they are available to take a call. Seems straightforward, right? Maybe, but to make sure you are looking at Occupancy correctly...

2016 InnOlympic Step Challenge Champion

Steve Laughlin took the gold medal in the InnOlympic Step Challenge this week! Each participant tracked their steps over the course of 7 weeks. In the last leg of the race, Steve "stepped up" his game, putting him in the lead with 875,557 steps! Impressive work, Steve!

Fun fact: As a team, Innovar walked over 2100 miles! That's equivalent to walking from San Diego, CA to Atlanta, GA. Bravo, team!

Is Requirements Traceability Dead?

I grew up in IT as a mainframe software developer. Yes, I get it. I'm old.

The rule was to document every business requirement and map it to operational, functional and technical requirements. We managed and traced those requirements through design and all the various testing cycles.

Practical Risk Management for Project Leaders

There's a lot of material written on the subject of project risk management. When asked, Project Leaders will say it is crucial to project success. However, in my experience, I haven't observed much of it in practice.

Once a risk presents itself, some Project Leaders react well to the situation and drive the activities necessary for resolution...

2016 InnOlympic Basketball Tournament

Drum roll please...

Shawn Coffman proves he's got serious skills at the basketball InnOlympic event. After 3 intense rounds of fast-paced shooting, Shawn took the gold medal with the highest number of points (53 in :30 seconds). He had some tough competition on his heels, but he pulled it off with nothing but net! Congrats on the win, Shawn!

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Where the Rubber Meets the old clichè but one that accurately describes the role a supervisor plays in our call centers today.

Supervisors are one of the few single points of contact for >95% of the line staff in any organization. They interface on a daily, hourly and even minute by minute basis with the bulk of the workforce. They interpret objectives, goals or challenges that are passed down the chain of command into action by the lowest (but most impacting) level of an organization...

Great Managers and Traffic Lights

Last weekend I was travelling from Richmond, Virginia to Boston, Mass and pulled off the highway into a small town in Connecticut. I came upon an intersection where the town transportation workers were trying to fix a set of traffic signals that spanned 2 lanes of traffic each way. Nothing out of the ordinary except the lights were flashing in sequences I never saw before: yellow and green, green and red, flashing yellow and static green...

Do you Love the Summer Olympics?

We Do!

In 2016, Innovar Solutions is holding its own summer Olympics to engage our employees and generate some excitement within our team and build relationships. Our amazing employees will compete varies events including Basketball, Giant Jenga, Pool, Top Golf and more.

Churning is for Butter, not Customers.

When customers become unhappy with their experience with your company, they go to one of your competitors for that same product or service. Then you have to make up for that loss in revenue by acquiring new customers...THAT is customer CHURN.

Let's make sure we understand the financial impacts of customer churn on the bottom line...

The Assumption Trap

We all make assumptions. Most of the time, the measure of a project’s success is not only its budget and timeline, but the quality of its deliverables.

During project planning, the criterion that defines HOW each deliverable will be met, will later become a key part of determining if a project succeeded or not. A critical component of that criterion is often overlooked: What are the assumptions?

Inspect What you Expect!

Sounds simple enough but most customer service organizations fail to do so and the results can be disastrous. In our collective experience, we know that companies who fail to establish an 'accepted' vision for their customer service organizations end up with 'reactive' type organizations vs pro-active work culture that drives performance. The result being a workforce focused on what it needs to do to get by vs what it needs to do to excel.