Shawn Coffman

Accelerating Adoption of Enterprise Level Change

Driving complex change across the organization requires executive commitment, cross-functional participation and many times a significant monetary investment. The risks associated with implementing change can be reduced with focus on the above mentioned items; however, many organizations miss the opportunity to maximize their results or return on investment because of low adoption rates.

The best designed process or system can still be considered a failure if ultimately it is not adopted. To increase the success of your next engagement, add the following techniques to your change management approach.

  • CLearly Articulate the Case for Change
    • Individuals need to understand the business context for major changes
    • Be transparent with communications and interact often with groups directly impacted
  • Identify Influencers and Champions
    • Incorporating champions early in the change process is critical but ensuring they are part of the process after implementation is essential for sustainable results
    • Be aware of positive and negative influencers and develop appropriate strategies for both
  • Bridge the Gap between Current State and Future State
    • To enhance credibility, trainers need to understand the context and details of the current state process
    • Leverage process models and build linkage between methods and procedures (M&Ps), job aids and training materials