Who We Are

Innovar is an operational improvement firm focused on helping clients drive costs out of their business, enhance revenue streams and improve the overall customer experience they deliver. We specialize in identifying, designing and implementing changes to processes and systems that will dramatically improve the performance of critical business operations. These operational improvements directly result in enhanced financial performance.

Changing the Traditional Mindset

Innovar subscribes to a set of values that encourages trust, respect, ethical behavior, collaboration, listening, and the empowerment of people.

At Innovar, we believe there is a better way to successfully deliver financial and operational initiatives. The market is changing and so should the traditional mindset regarding the delivery of services towards your goals.

At Innovar, we bring the positive aspects from our collective public and private sector backgrounds and deliver on your initiatives with a level of passion, integrity and innovation normally not present in professional services firms.

Proven Track Record of Success

Founded in 2003, Innovar Solutions specializes in providing operational improvements to businesses in a variety of industries.

Our owners and core team have extensive operational experience (client-side of the table) and have built a firm focused on delivering practical solutions and tangible results. This unique client perspective allows us to build close relationships with clients that are mutually rewarding.

Our Leadership Team

Amanda Neading
Client Services Manager
Ann-Marie Dougherty
Delivery Lead
Bari Rothschild
Delivery Lead
Ruben Salazar
Delivery Lead
Michelle Arendt
Delivery Lead
John Gozberk
Delivery Lead
Brian Boone
Delivery Lead
William Yiu
Lead Architect